After Arnold Schwarzenegger burst on the scene with 1982's CONAN THE BARBARIAN, he spent more than a decade as the singular American action star, combining humor, charm, pathos and, well, muscles. From his early roles as man/machine antihero (TERMINATOR) and a Russian buddy cop (RED HEAT) to his peak, iconic sci-fi roles in TOTAL RECALL, PREDATOR and TERMINATOR 2, Schwarzenegger occupied a unique space in American film culture. During that time, he also became an American citizen, and a surprisingly cuddly presence in several Ivan Reitman comedies (TWINS & KINDERGARTEN COP). Ultimately, with the meta LAST ACTION HERO, Schwarzenegger looked in the mirror to deconstruct the icon, before turning away from movies entirely when he rose to his biggest role ever, Governor of California in 2003.

And now, Schwarzenegger is back, with two new shows on Netflix: FUBAR, a hysterical, CIA-spy comedy mixed with heart-stopping action, launching May 25; and ARNOLD a documentary series chronicling Schwarzenegger’s journey from the countryside of Austria to the highest echelons of the American dream, premiering June 7.