Theatrical poster for Henry Sugar & Other Short Films By Wes Anderson


1h 26m

Release Date

December 04 2023




For nearly 30 years, from Dallas to Paris, and from New Penzance Island to Trash Island, Wes Anderson has created colorful worlds that seem simultaneously set in the past, the present and perhaps even in a wistfully nostalgic future. These settings - in both his features and his delightful short films - are reliably a little bit funnier, a little bit smarter, and definitely much better designed than the drab earthly confines we normally inhabit.

Join us for a one-night-only cinematic celebration of the timeless joys and whimsy of Wes' world, with the auteur's own selection of rarely screened short films, along with the zenith of Anderson's short career, The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar (2023).