Theatrical poster for In the Mood for Love


1h 38m

Release Date

September 29 2000


Wong Kar-wai


Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung


Wong Kar-wai's tale of romantic longing between a married man and married woman in neighboring apartments will be introduced by Isabel Sandoval, who picked it as one of her all-time favorite films for the recent Sight & Sound Director's Poll. She has written "In the Mood for Love is an exercise in creating and sustaining a mood, and in employing plot, character, production design, and pretty much all the other elements of cinema in service of that. It’s a sustained high from start to finish. You don’t think much about the plot; you can just luxuriate in the movie and let it wash over you. I don’t think heartbreak and thwarted love have ever felt so rich and sensuous and splendid and exquisite."