The Netflix series VOIR, created by executive producers David Fincher and David Prior, is a series of visual essays celebrating cinema and the personal connection we each have to the stories we see on the big screen. From intimate personal histories to insights on character and craft, each episode reminds us why movies hold a special place in our lives. In this series, episodes of VOIR will be paired at the Paris Theater with films examined in the series. During the week of May 13-19, the episode “The Ethics of Revenge” will be paired with seven great movies that show the perils and pleasures of revenge. The Disney animated film and Best Picture nominee Beauty and the Beast will be paired with the episode “The Duality of Appeal,” about the artistry behind creating animated characters. The Eddie Murphy/Nick Nolte movie 48 Hours is paired with “Profane and Profound,” which looks at race in America through the lens of interracial buddy movies. And Videodrome is paired with “Film vs. Television,” which looks at the different aesthetics of the two forms of media.